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Is Cosmetic Dental Treatment Painful?

Here at Minty Pearls Dental Clinic, we always try and make your experience as relaxed as possible. However, if you do require a local anaesthetic, we ensure this is done with minimum discomfort.

What Treatments are Available for Stained Teeth?

There are few treatments available for stained or discoloured teeth, which depend on the type of staining. This could be tea, coffee, smoking, red wine, or other food and drink consumed over a long period of time. Teeth whitening or veneers can usually remove the stains, leaving you with a brighter and whiter smile.

How to Get a Chipped Tooth Fixed

If your tooth is chipped, it should be examined by a dentist in order to assess whether the damage is cosmetic or the root has been affected. We can then apply the appropriate treatment. A chipped tooth can be fixed by veneers, which work in a similar way to false nails. These involve wafer-thin, tooth-coloured laminates that are ‘cemented’ to the front of your teeth to improve their appearance.

The other alternative is crowns, which are an artificial restoration that fit over the remaining part of a tooth in order to make it stronger as well as achieve a natural tooth shape.

What is the Best Choice for Replacing Missing Teeth?

There are several options, but it depends on the following:

  • The Amount of Teeth that Need to be Replaced 
  • Your Oral Health
  • Your General Health
  • Your Budget

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