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Root Canal Treatment


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Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is a procedure that rectifies issues caused by nerve or blood supply to the tooth and returns the tooth to its original condition.


This procedure is a little more complex than a standard extraction, but our well-experienced dentists ensure they take the time to perfect every patient’s treatment.

It is important to have a root canal treatment as soon as possible as there is a risk that the damage or infection may spread to other teeth. As the procedure is carried out under a local anaesthesia, it is painless and will feel as though a filling is being done.


How will I know if I need root canal treatment?

Sometimes there won’t be any symptoms, however signs you may need a root canal include:
-Severe Toothache Pain upon Chewing or Application of Pressure
-Prolonged sensitivity/pain to heat or cold temperatures
-Discolouration (a darkening) of the tooth
-Swelling and tenderness in the nearby gums
-A persistent or recurring pimple on the gums

Will it be painful?

As the procedure is carried out under a local anaesthesia, it is painless and will feel as if a filling is being done.

How do I care for my teeth after a root canal treatment?

Since some of the reasons why the nerve of a tooth and its pulp become inflamed and infected are due to deep decay, repeated dental procedures on a tooth and/or large fillings, following good oral hygiene practices (brushing twice a day, flossing at least once a day, and scheduling regular dental visits) may reduce the need for a root canal procedure. It’s possible for a properly treated tooth to require treatment again even years after a first procedure but often when this occurs the tooth can be saved.


From £295

From 45 minutes

At least two appointments may be needed for this treatment

This treatment will help save a tooth/teeth.

Speak to use today if you would like more information and to book an appointment.

Root Canal Treatment

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