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Our Guarantee

  • You attend a dental examination with us every 6-8 months 

  • Keep your dental hygiene visits as recommended

  • Payments are upto date

The best designed car and machinary will eventually go wrong if it never receives a service.

Below are a list of treatments that are covered and the length of the guarantee provided.




See below for treatments covered with guarantee and exclusions


The Guarantee will be invalidated if:


  • Oral hygiene is neglected

  • Dentist’s instructions are not followed

  • Removable restorations, such as partial dentures or full dentures are not maintained properly

  • Medical conditions and ageing can cause bone loss hence affect the fit wof denture prosthesis

  • You do not attend the practice for dental check-ups and hygiene appointments as specified above

  • The gum tissue or tooth bone is naturally reducing

  • Substantial amount of weight loss or weight gain within a short period of time

  • A general illness is present which has adverse effects on oral health (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, excessive X-rays or chemotherapy)

  • Damage caused by accidents, sports or any third party

  • Smoking or drug abuse

  • Payment obligations are not fulfilled


Orthodontic & Invisalign Treatment


The treatment cost is to cover treatment moving teeth from A to B position but keeping teeth at B position is the responsibility of the patient by having fixed retainers and looking after them and removable essix retainers worn and replaced with new ones as recommended.        


If your don't wear your retainers often, your teeth can move and hence they can stop fitting well so can fracture or fracture because of wear/tear or grinding into them and because some teeth have a strong inclination to shift back to a crowded position because of late incisor crowding called relapse.     We recommend having a new removable Essix retainer 6 months after first fit and then every 12-18 months as needed and for your fixed retainer to be checked at your routine check-up appointments every 6-8 months or if you feel there is a problem.    


Cost for repair of a fixed retainer off 1-2 teeth is £65, a new standard removable essix retainer is £165 and a new fixed retainer is £250



Composite Bonding



  • Composite Fillings/Composite Veneers and Bonding.    When the composite is first bonded, it undergoes a little shrinkage and approximately 90% will be set at the time of bonding and a further 10% of the setting happens over the next few weeks/months. In about 20% of cases, fillings require polishing as this delayed setting can create a micro-ledge that can trap staining. This needs to be polished a few months later or at check up and is often a one off. 


  • When bonding to front incisors, chewing on the front teeth can result in chipping if the envelop of function/chewing is restricted and narrow. This is not always identified until function starts as teeth are not static set in stone but its a working environment. If a chip happens, this will be repaired. If this happens frequently, then clenching, parafunctional habits maybe in place and a bite raising appliance will need to be made to deprogram the muscles of clenching.




  • LARGE FILLINGS that involve a wide wall of a tooth like a Mesial Occlusal, palatal, buccal or Distal Occlusal on molars and premolars as they fail often because they undergo heavy chewing load and may often require more support that a filling simply cannot give. A crown is often needed and will be at additional cost.

  • Root Canal Treatment (root canal treatment has a high risk factor for which a guarantee cannot be given). The anatomic differences of the root canals, the extent of the infection and the large number of variations for each individual mean that we cannot ensure treatment will work 100%.

  • Pain from Deep Filled or Cracked Tooth- If a recently treated tooth subsequently has a problem related for example Pulp nerve inflammation after a deep filling or a crack in a tooth opening up. 

  • Allergies, illnesses and their relative consequences after treatment which were not noticeable before treatment started

  • Grinding/Teeth Clenching- Damage caused by extreme stress (grinding / teeth clenching)

  • Damage due to dental restoration carried out by any other person (e.g. a dentist, dental technician) who is not a team member of our practice

  • Temporary dentures, crowns or bridges

  • Bone grafting procedures (bone block, bone augmentation, sinus lift, bone from hip)

  • Teeth-whitening procedure - as this depends on the developmental dentine and how good it responds to the whitening process and the diet pf the patient.

  •  In-appropriate selection of the colour and shape of the dental work by the patient (during the preparation period, patients are given the opportunity to choose what they want but we cannot take responsibility for the decision of the patient)


We do not take any responsibility for the need of additionally treatment (including root canal treatment). We will do everything to ensure the final, corrective treatment is carried out, but this shall be administered at the patient’s expense (complex root canal treatment, extraction, plan for the new prosthetic works and the preparation)


To help the benefits from dental treatment that last as long as possible requires skill on the part of your dentist, great quality materials, equipment and so importantly is your help!


                CONDITIONS APPLY

                             5 YEARS

  • Fracture or Chipping of Porcelain from Dental Implants, Bridges, Crowns, Inlays, Veneers NOT CAUSED BY GRINDING/CLENCHING.   You will be eligible for our 5 year guarantee which covers fracture or loosening NOT caused by tooth wear or tooth decay. If there is evidence of tooth wear/clenching like wear patterns of your anterior teeth or canines then it is important that you have a bite raising appliance made like an NTI and it be worn 2-3 times a week to deprogram the muscles of mastication. We hope you understand that you will have to pay 50% or cost of a new crown/bridge/Veneer to cover lab fee costs should wear be found as a cause of failure.  


  • It DOES NOT COVER  decay under crown or bridge caused by lack of flossing. As this depends on your eating/drinking habits and would be out of our hands especially if your oral hygiene is less than optimal and you don't floss daily.


  • A non smoker in case of Dental Implants. 


Conditions Apply


  • You must attend one Dental hygiene appointment every six months or more frequently if our hygienist considers this to be necessary and follow the maintenance programme advised.


  • You attend for a general dental check up at least once every year.


  • Damage is not caused bone disease, gum disease, dental decay or treatment carried out by another dentist.


  • There is no outstanding balance on your account.


  • If you don't meet the above conditions we will still guarantee our work for 1 year.




  • Posterior Composites- Breaking, Loosening, Cracking, Discolouration and Fillings that fall out. In this case, we will restore, repair or change any restorations free of charge. It EXCLUDES LARGE FILLINGS that involve a wall of a tooth like a Mesial Occlusal, palatal, buccal or Distal Occlusal on molars and premolars as they fail often because they undergo heavy chewing load and may often require more support that a filling simply cannot give. A crown is often needed and will be at additional cost.

  • If a dental filling fails because of poor technique or humidity in the mouth while bonding, it will most likely fail in first six months after treatment.  Often failure after this is caused by varying amount of stress, dental disease and decay in everyone. That is why we have regular yearly check-ups and routine X-rays every 18 months-2 or 3 years depending of caries risk as things change in the mouth and the oral enviroment of everyone is different and subject to different conditions and care. 


  • Full & Partial Dentures (it does not cover loosening of dentures or damage if removed)




  • NTI    If this fails because of any laboratory failure, it will show in first 6 months. The technician will be happy to repair. Any failure after this like a deep wear groove on platform or fracture of a part will cost £45. If it is caused by excessive wear not resolved by the NTI, it may indicate that a lower appliance (modified lower essix with a bite platform) may need to be made and this will cost £390.

Care is recommended by technician to use a Dental Spa and retainer tablets




  • Removable Essix Retainer


Any fracture could mean that the teeth have moved (not regular wear) and that a new retainer will need to be made as soon as possible. See retainer cost (£165). It maybe recommended that as a caution, a fixed retainer is bonded as well as the teeth are having a strong tendency to move. See cost of a fixed retainer (£250).


The dental technician does recommends a new removable retainer made after 6 months of first wear after orthodontic treatment if no fixed retainer is bonded (the patient will have to wear it for upto 20 hours a day so the retainer can get grotty). After this a new removable retainer is recommended every 1 year to 18 months depending on wear and tear. 

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