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Terms & Conditions


At our clinic your ceramic veneers, ceramic crowns and ceramic bridges are warranted for a period of 5 years following the replacement . 

Fillings may also be warranted up to 1 year -provided the flowing conditions are met:  


1. the patient followed all recommendations for the initial treatment from dentist / hygienist, including timings of each stage of treatment. Variation to the treatment plan due to patient choices, specially to delay aspects of treatment for longer than reasonable may mean any warranty is void. For example period of over six months from completion of root filling to fitting of a crown would effect the warranty.

2. The patient has fully paid for the treatment and doesn’t owe the practice any money for treatment received, if money is owed the the warranty immediately considered void.

3. A veneers, crowns, bridge work, fillings have not been damaged as result of an accident or trauma.

4. The patient has followed post treatment maintenance recommendations by the dentist precisely.

5. The patient wears any night guard, appliance or protective bite guard provided as recommended.

6. The patient has attended all routine healthy mouth reviews promptly every six months and dental hygiene visit as prescribed, but as minimum every six months.

7. The patient maintains a good level of oral hygiene by brushing twice a day for a minimum of two minutes and uses floss or TiPe brushes everyday as prescribed.

8. The warranty doesn’t cover the failure of the tooth underneath due to secondary dental caries, fracture or root infection . 

9. In teeth with post the possibility of root fractures is increased. We can not guarantee the root will not fail under crown.

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